Found what we were looking for

Using the Hilton’s Realtime Navigator website we are able to see an accurate sea surface temperature picture via satellite.  This allows me to find water temperatures and current edges that are ideal for the fish we are targeting that day.  Yesterday the satellite shot was spot on, as we ventured off to a cool water change pretty far offshore of where we would typically fish for dolphin.  A nice grass edge lined up, flying fish, 1.5 degree temperature break with no current on the outside.  The only problem was the gamefish did not get the memo!  Dean and Sam were troopers and did the most with our bites and took home some Mahi, just not as many as I was hoping for!  No trip today, but we are will be back out there tomorrow.  We have Monday and Tuesday open next week, and some days the following week.  Also keep in mind we have 3 shares open for the Big Rock Tournament if you are interested.  Tight Lines and Happy Hunting!