The Dolphins are Trickling in

Yesterday was our first trip of the year on the Hunter and David Kiwior and crew are headed back with some Dolphin for dinner!  The weather from previous days had the water a little mixed up, but all the fleet scrapped out decent days catching mostly Dolphin, but there were some Blackfin Tuna and Wahoo thrown in the mix as well.  The Reeling for Research Tournament,, is this Saturday April 29, and if you have a chance to get by the waterfront, these guys do one heck of a job having fun, but an even better job at raising money for children’s cancer research.  We have added a video gallery to our website as well, and I am hoping to add quite a few throughout the season.  There are a couple up now from my winter in the Dominican Republic on the Delta Dawn with Captain Thomas Bennett.  Go check them out and get excited for the Blue Marlins that should be here before we know it!!  Quite a few boats out today, hopefully I will have a good report this evening!  Keep in mind we are available for the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament,, contact me for details.  Tight Lines and Happy Hunting